Getting ready to go back to work in 2019

Getting ready to go back to work in 2019

As the final skerrick’s of the festive season left overs are consumed and we ween ourselves off the comforts of our seasonal break, preparation for the new year takes centre stage for most business leaders. The break brings about a time to reflect on the previous years’ achievements, the goals that were in place, and motions towards enshrining the upcoming years’ initiatives. 1, 5, and 10-year plans are revaluated, adjusted, and honed, seeking to maintain consistency and flexibility.

Memories of this period as a child, known by the inspiring terminology as the back-to-school passé, rear themselves as well. New books, refreshed stationary, and a spanking new school attire, all contribute to a fresh and positive frame of mind. You are getting bigger, school is presenting greater challenges, and fresh new work is upon the horizon. All these emotions and feelings are natural to us whether we are 7 or 47! The excitement of a New Year and the challenges ahead spur us on and lead to a vibrancy in our lives during the final days of our summer break.

It has been thirty years since my first day at school and thinking back from the beginning, through to those final months of year 12, and into the pseudo-adult world of University, the back-to-school rituals have remained remarkably consistent. Something I now reflect on being more than a back to school sense of excitement, but something deeper. A sense of ambition and motivation for the challenges ahead, following a well-deserved break that sought to recharge the batteries and provide the essential time with family and friends. I may not be needing to buy new books in 2019, or re-stocking my erasers, but the wardrobe will be getting the annual clean out and refresher that has been a staple of every January since I cared how my hair looked in junior school. Ensuring everything is freshly pressed and ready to go prior to the first day of work commencing. Paperwork will be cleaned, organised, and filed away ready for a quick start, while checklists will be enthusiastically worked through in order to get the year off to an efficient start. These may seem mundane, yet exciting rituals that gives one a sense of a fresh and positive fresh page .

It’s a way to reset your minds internal clock, giving yourself some personal motivation and re-evaluation of goals and objectives, you want to achieve for the New Year. These are different from the New Year’s resolutions that have been playing on your mind from the end of last year. We are creatures of habit, with repetition being the true trigger of change and generator or forward progress. For me having the date and time where the New Year of work or school commences is a substantial mental milestone to process and then organise myself to be ready to tackle the goals and objectives, I have put in place in order to have a successful New Year.

It’s something that I will instil in my children believing it generates the incredible positive energy needed for all to hit the ground hard from day one and get oneself into a successful rhythm for the months ahead.

Success is built on one thing, and one thing only, ‘persistence’ and you can only be persistent through repetition.